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Saturday June 21. 2014 – 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Cabrillo College - Horticulture Department
6500 Soquel Drive
Aptos, CA

Barbara Olsen
831-763-8007 (Hotline)


2014 MBMG Home Gardening Boot Camp

Mark your calendar for June 21, to attend the 4th Annual UCCE Master Gardeners of Monterey Bay Home Gardening Boot Camp. Join us at Cabrillo College Horticulture Center for a full day of fun and informative gardening instruction at an affordable price.

This year the focus of Boot Camp will be “Coping with Drought,” as we will feature several classes on water conservation, plus xeriscaping, succulents, salvias, and California natives.  Many popular and essential classes and instructors from previous years will return, including irrigation, soils, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), propagation, pruning, composting, and more. Joe Schultz (of India Joze restaurant) returns for another fun cooking class.

Scroll down for the 2014 class schedule; see the Details Page for full descriptions of the classes.

(Please note:  Several classes are held outdoors in areas that have uneven terrain, and some classes require walking either to the class venue or around the grounds of the Cabrillo College Horticulture facility. We suggest wearing a hat, layered clothing, and comfortable shoes. Individuals who may have any mobility impairment should read the full class descriptions before registering. Thank you.)

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Thanks to a generous grant from Soquel Creek Water District (SCWD) in support of water conservation efforts, we are offering deeply discounted Boot Camp scholarships on a first-come, first served basis to the first 25 applicants who reside within the SCWD service area. To determine eligibility before you register, email bootcamp@mbmgs.org with your name, address, and contact information to find out details about receiving one of the SCWD scholarships to attend Boot Camp.

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By popular demand, the Cruz N Gourmet catering truck will return this year with their yummy gourmet comfort food from around the world. Cabrillo Horticulture holds a plant sale during the lunch break, and there will be live music in the courtyard. After the last class, stick around for our silent auction and raffle with loads of garden items, plants, gift cards and more.

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Event proceeds help support educational activities of the Monterey Bay Master Gardeners non-profit, and are shared with Cabrillo Horticulture Department.



0.1 Registration in Main Lobby: 8:00 to 9:00
0.2 Welcome & Orientation in Lecture Hall: 9:05 to 9:20
Code Class Instructor Description
Session 1: 9:30 to 11:00
1.1 Irrigation for Water Conservation Michael Johnson An irrigation expert explains how to operate and maintain an efficient irrigation system. Learn how to use less water outdoors and save money on your water bills while maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape
1.2 Ecology in the Garden Richard Merrill Learn the background history of the habitat gardening concept, along with basic ecological principles and current techniques of using plants and structured microhabitats for attracting and nurturing beneficial insects and other wildlife.
1.3 California Native Plants for Water-Wise Landscapes Lisa McAndrews The California natives discussed in this class are all winners!. They need no fertilizers or pesticides, spread well, and grow without any or very little water once established. They also attract wildlife & beneficial insects, plus enhance habitat  for our native pollinators
1.4 How to be Successful at Growing Fruit Trees! Matthew Sutton * Come learn the basic foundational skills to grow great fruit in your backyard.  We will cover best fertility practices, annual care guidelines, varietal selection, and pest prevention for the home orchard.  (Outdoors.)
1.5 Common Plant Diseases in the Garden and Landscape Ann Northrup The first step in disease management is understanding what part of the plant is sick and arriving at a good general diagnosis. Learn to recognize some of our most common plant disease problems in the garden and landscape.
1.6 Propagation with Cuttings Nicky Hughes * This is a hands-on, practical class in which you’ll learn how to propagate plants from cuttings and will go home armed with the knowledge you need to start your own mini-nursery.  We’ll cover selecting the right wood, potting media, rooting hormones and transplanting. (Outdoors.)
1.7 Successful Container Gardening Claudia Boulton * Principles and practices of growing ornamental and edible plants in containers.  (Outdoors.)
1.8 Berries Mark Bolda * This class will cover the horticulture of strawberries, caneberries, and – briefly – blueberries. He will discuss the aspects of planting, fertility, harvest, and pest management. Additionally, pruning of caneberries and blueberries will be discussed. (Outdoors.)
Session 2: 11:15 to 12:45
2.1 Use and Care of Succulents in the Home Landscape Robin Stockwell To be healthy and attractive, succulent plants need the right mix of climate, soil, water, fertilizer and care. Succulent expert Robin Stockwell will cover these issues, plus monitoring for pests & diseases, pruning, dividing, transplanting, thinning, etc.
2.2 Laundry to Landscape Sherry Bryan This presentation will allow gardeners the opportunity to learn the basics of  Laundry-to-Landscape GreyWater Irrigation Systems. Greywater compatible plants and products, system design and maintenance, and rebate incentives will be discussed.
2.3 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Sean Swezey This class will outline the principles and practices of Integrated Pest Management as applied to the home garden. Identify and learn how to control insect pests, then get to know benefical insects and the plants that attract them.
2.4 Small Tree and Shrub Pruning Peter Quintanilla * Learn the art and science of pruning small garden trees and shrubs as well as how to repair badly pruned shrubs and keep their natural growth habit. Instruction on sharpening your pruning shears is included. (Outdoors.)
2.5 The Garden Giveth, The Cook Transformeth. Jozseph Schultz Local chef and caterer Jozseph Schultz (of  India Joze restaurant in Santa Cruz) teaches some techniques for high intensity transformations in cooking.
2.6 Propagation with Seeds Nicky Hughes * In this hands-on, practical class, you’ll learn simple techniques for growing plants from seed.  Time permitting; you’ll also learn some interesting methods for breaking seed dormancy in harder-to germinate species. (Outdoors.)
2.7 Composting A to Z Otis Johnson * Learn the basics of how to make compost and use it in your garden from Master Composter Otis Johnson. This class takes place at the Master Composters Demonstration Site. (Outdoors.)
LUNCH & PLANT SALE: 12:45-2:15 Lunch by Cruzn’ Gourmet available for purchase on the patio; Cabrillo Horticulture Plant Sale; live music.
Session 3: 2:30 to 4:00
3.1 Water Conservation Vaidehi Campbell Learn how to use the valuable resource of the WaterSmart Gardening website to its maximum effect. Navigate interactive online garden tours and garden gallery to find and identify the perfect plants and inspiring garden designs. Increase the water-efficiency of your garden, and more.
3.2 Xeriscaping with Mediterranean Mound Gardening Jeff Rosendale The class will focus on mound layout and design elements, including paths and rock work, plant selection, texture and contrast aesthetics. Incorporating drip irrigation, mulching and all the finishing touches.
3.3 Soils Peter Shaw Healthy soil is the basis of a healthy garden. This class will help you to better understand your garden’s soil. Topics include pH levels, nutrients, and water management.
3.4 Basic Landscape Pruning Peter Quintanilla * Learn basic pruning techniques to keep your garden plants looking great and maintain their natural form. Plus learn how to thin and reduce the size of common garden plants and how to sharpen your pruning shears. (Outdoors.)
3.5 Sheet Mulching, Easy Lawn Removal  and Lawn Alternatives Lisa McAndrews * Have you had it with pulling weeds? Want a lawn-like groundcover without the water guzzling, fertilizer demanding, way-too-much mowing of traditional lawn grasses? Learn about successful lawn removal techniques and lawn alternatives. (Partially outdoors.)
3.6 Beekeeping for NewBees Tree Rozelle * A beginner’s walk through setting up a hive for the first time and instruction on introducing a package of bees in Spring; followed by Q&A.  (Outdoors.)
3.7 The Wonders of Worms Otis Johnson What can feed your plants, condition your soil and skin, sequester carbon and make you happy?  Worm Compost. Learn why everyone should compost with worms and how you can get started. Careful!  It’s addicting. (Outdoors.)
3.8 Salvia Garden & Horticulture Facility  Tour Andrew Wall * You will go on a guided tour of the Cabrillo world-renowned salvia garden, and other areas that make up the Horticulture Facility, including the Succulent Garden, Ca. Native Garden, gardens of the Southern Hemisphere and the Organic Farm.  (Outdoors.)
*Note:  Outdoor class settings may have uneven terrain that may be challenging for individuals with mobility impairment. Please see the Details Page for additional explanations of individual class settings.
MBMG Non-Profit Raffle Fundraising and Silent Auction:  4:15 – 4:45



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