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Monterey Bay Master Gardeners support school gardens
Teaching students how to plant, water, weed, harvest and prepare the food they have grown builds a knowledge base that supports healthy living and a healthy environment for the community of the future. We provide grants for up to $500.00 to schools that meet our criteria.

Monterey Bay Master Gardeners host the Smart Gardening Fair
Master Gardener volunteers coordinate and direct the premier gardening event on the Central Coast of California. The Smart Gardening Fair brings together local garden-related businesses, water districts, purveyors of fine foods, great musicians, artists and craftspersons, wineries, educational organizations and the public for a day of family fun and entertainment. And along the way, visitors learn about sustainable gardening, wise use of water, landscaping with drought tolerant plants, Integrated Pest Management, and many other topics that can help make a difference in our children’s future.

Monterey Bay Master Gardeners host the Master Gardener Tour
Every year visitors enjoy strolling through the several magnificent gardens featured on the inspiring Master Gardener Tour. It’s a chance to see Master Gardener sustainable gardening techniques in action: drought tolerant plantings, efficient use of water in the landscape, beautiful native plants, Integrated Pest Management, and unique design features. Sales of tickets fund our projects and educational efforts.

Monterey Bay Master Gardeners participate in many local events 
We distribute information at local events such as Earth Day celebrations and garden shows.

Other Monterey Bay Master Gardener projects include:
The Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly Project
Quail Hollow Ranch
The Beach Garden
La Mirada gardens
The Homeless Garden Project
The Monterey Bay Master Gardener Hotline
The San Lorenzo Valley Museum

The Monterey Bay Master Gardeners is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations may be tax-deductible. Talk to your tax advisor.



You may also make a donation by check payable to Monterey Bay Master Gardeners; mail to Post Office Box 1786, Capitola, CA 95010.

School Grants: click here to learn about grants or to download an application

The Master Gardener Program is designed to extend research-based plant information to the public through the utilization of knowledgeable volunteers who have successfully completed an extensive training program in home horticulture. The primary purpose for organizing the Monterey Bay Master Gardeners is to provide a horticultural/educational training resource for home gardeners of all ages and experience. The Master Gardener role is primarily that of “educator.” Master Gardeners have been referred to as a public relations arm of the University of California Extension Service.

In order to be certified each year, a Master Gardener must perform 30 hours of volunteer service of which 15 hours must be on Master Gardener projects. In addition, the Master Gardener must acquire 20 hours of advanced training annually in the form of educational programs sanctioned by the organization.

Volunteer opportunities are available in two general categories:

  1. Master Gardener initiated projects specifically designed and managed by Master Gardeners.
  2. Community Garden projects initiated by other organizations in which Master Gardeners may participate.

Depending on the talents and interests of each Master Gardener, volunteer requirements can be satisfied in a number of ways: project leadership, assistance and administrative leadership, or assistance. It is up to the individual Master Gardener to define a role which will provide both personal satisfaction and community service.

All long-term projects must have the pre-approval of the MG Advisory Board. Once approved the Board will seek regular updates on the status of the project. It is expected that the MG will continue beyond the 30 hour guideline and complete the project to the satisfaction of the organization with which they are working. There can be no compensation of any kind (salary, school credits, gifts, etc.) associated with a MG volunteer project. Please contact Barbara Schilling at for approval. Program Proposal

Barbara Schilling, Projects Coordinator,
Denise Weatherwax, MBMG President,

Monterey Bay Master Gardeners